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If you've ever wondered how in the world a person becomes a Bedroom Kandi consultant, perhaps you'll enjoy reading a little about my adventures down the path!

  • Daniel and Josie in Quito Ecuador


    International Adventures

    After meeting my husband in Quito, Ecuador, I decided to stay and travel South America for nearly 2 years! After which, we jumped from place to place: living in Spain, then Scotland where I worked as a petroleum engineer for Shell and eventually moving to Texas where we currently call home.

  • Josie with babies


    Building the Family

    In mid 2009 our first child was born. We have since had two more and our 4th child is due this late Spring! Shortly after giving birth to our second child, I began writing a blog (several actually) which was great fun but didn’t help with the family finances in any way.

  • screenshot of 6 vibrators in texas blog

    FEBRUARY 2013

    An Idea is Born

    While playing at a local park with several of the other momma friends and their children, a crazy conversation ensued. In it, I had an epiphany: I could never work in sales, unless it was to sell something like a vibrator!Read the blog to see just how I came to that conclusion!

  • Bedroom Kandi by Josie Headshot

    MARCH 2013

    Independent Passion Parties Consultant

    I did it! I did my research, decided that Passion Parties was the BEST company to work for because it is such a professional and classy organization that really is helping women grow and improve their lives, so I bought my starter kit and went straight to work – well, play really!! Shortly after making fast-track 3, I became a team leader and created Team Bedroom Secrets! (I’m still blogging by the way, just now, I’m blogging about sex toys, orgasms, and bringing the fun back to the bedroom! Check out my blog: her bedroom secrets

  • Bedroom Kandi by Josie logo

    JANUARY 2016

    Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant

    January 2016 Passion Parties was bought by Pure Romance. It was perfect timing because I was ready for a change. After doing my research and considering all of my options, I decided Bedroom Kandi Boutiques was the perfect oportunity for me!


    I can’t wait to introduce you to this amazing line.

  • Be Part
    Of My

Team Bedroom Secrets

Me & My Top Divas!

Bedroom Kandi by Josie Headshot

Josie Bisett - Wimberley, Texas

Gold Level Consultant

Bedroom Kandi by Nicole Headshot

Nicole Romero

Gold Level Consultant - Kyle, Texas

Cate Boyd Headshot

Cate Boyd

Gold Level Consultant - San Marcos, TX

I am SOOO proud to have such a wonderful team of ladies working with me. How about you, are you ready to join my growing team of successful Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultants? There's no better time to start than now!

Customer Care

I'm more than just an online store or a free entertainment provider, I'm your personal private Independent Passion Parties -sexpert- Consultant!


Perhaps a bit cliché but no less true, for Bedroom Kandi by Josie, that’s me, the customer truly does come first. Without you, I would have no business. As you are well aware, every woman’s vagina is shaped slightly differently, with varying sizes, depths, and sensitivities. What is more, every woman has different sexual needs to be fulfilled – some are single and plan to stay that way, others are single but have multiple regular partners, others are in monogamous relationships, while others… well, you get the idea. So it stands to reason, at least in my book, that not every product is THE RIGHT product for every woman in every situation.

This I promise you, I will not sell you the most expensive product I’ve got available just to make money off you. I have been known to practically refuse to sell a person a product if I do not genuinely believe it is the best product for her particular needs.

For example, if a woman walked into the private ordering room and told me she was having marital … challenges … there is no WAY on this green earth …

…that I would push a personal massager into her hands, with the pulsing movements that travel up and down the shaft simulating intercourse, and the second bullet in the clitoral extension stimulating the clitoris. That woman would have just found the perfect replacement for her husband, and because I am in the business of bringing passion back to the BEDROOM and helping create, grow and maintain monogamous relationships, I would be doing both that woman AND her husband a huge disservice.

Instead, I would encourage her to consider purchasing either the likes of a wonderful vibrating c-ring that would stimulate the woman’s clitoris upon every thrust while at the same time applying just enough pressure around the man’s penis to allow him to maintain an erection, and delaying his orgasm for potentially a quarter to a half of an hour, thus, allowing the both of you to reach climax and orgasm simultaneously, or I would recommend she try the absolute BEST couple’s toy on the market, the we vibe.

With its c-shape double-bullet super slick silicone design, it can be worn by the woman during intercourse without impeding the man’s penetration in the slightest (there are the rare occasions when the man’s girth and the woman’s width can make the use of this particular toy inadvisable). As the internal bullet massages the g-spot, the external bullet massages her clitoris and the thrusting action creates its own internal sensations of the woman, a tri-gasm (also known in the industry as a SUPER-GASM) can be achieved; what is more, as the vibrators help the woman achieve orgasm much more quickly, simultaneous orgasms are achievable as well.

In both of these two circumstances, the toys would aid in improving the marriage/monogamous relationship; while the Lelo Soraya would have much more likely driven the two further apart.

Or take for example the woman who has never owned a vibrator recommending she purchase a nearly $200 personal massagerwould not be in HER best interest. Better, she should consider purchasing a smaller more affordable toy like a bullet that is still, in its own right, a very good little toy, that she can train on and decide if using a vibrator of any kind is something she is interested in. Then, after some time, if she wants a vibrator that can also penetrate her, we could consider moving up to a more powerful personal massager.

There are just too many circumstances to be considered when choosing the most appropriate toy to try to sell just one product to every woman out there. That is why I make absolutely certain to know my customers (or at least those willing to let me in) as best as possible so that I can offer my very best advice.

Besides, if I tried to sell you the most powerful clitoral massager in our catalog, very likely that would be the only toy I sold you for the next 10 years – and who knows if that would always be the perfect toy for you. Instead, I consider your situation and provide you, to the best of my ability, the right products at the right times in your life.

Sometimes, this could simply be a cream clitoral stimulator that just helps you get in the mood. Maybe, that’s all you’d need.

Of course I’d like to make money, but it is my firm belief that if I keep YOUR best interests in mind when I try to work out which Bedroom Kandi products would best suit your needs at any given time, then you will choose to be my customer for the next 5, 10, 20 years!

So, yeah. Customer Care, I really do CARE about my CUSTOMERS!


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